Package Price

Package Price

Package Pricing

All Web design Package Pricing

Main Package

Select the main package (general website, online store) by the size of the area and the number of functions appropriate for your organization.










For Business Infomation, Company, Blog

  • Creating article, content
  • Social sharing and community tools
  • Related article after content
  • job application engine

Ecommerce Website

For Online Store, Ecommerce

  • Shopping cart, Stock Products
  • Customizable settings to products
  • Process orders / Payment
  • Discount code coupon engine

All Main Package Always Include

500MB+ Storage
Unlimited Template
Free Domain .com .net .org .biz .info
Responsive Websitefor multiple devices
SEO Basics
Support Team

Some Questions You Might Have

Q: Is there a free trial of the website before deciding?

Q: If the main package is selected, do I have a domain registration fee?

Q: If I want to support the mobile screen, is there a charge?

Q: Is there any discount?

Yes, if you buy a package of 2 years will receive a 10% discount if you sign a 3 years will receive a 15% discount.

Q: Can I change the main package later?

Yes,You can .

Q: What happens I don't renew the package?

Customers will not be able to use them until they renew their new package membership.

Q: If I buy a package. There are usability issues. Would I pay to consult?

No cost to you We are welcome to advise.

Additional Package

Select an optional package for customers who want functionality in addition to the available packages.

Member Package

For website that need a membership management system

Gallery Package

For the web that pictures are displayed, such as photos.

Webboard Package

For website that neet to add Web forums or posts.

FAQ Package

For website that need question- answering system

Multi Language

For website that need to add language

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