Logo Service

Logo Service

Logo Service

SoGoodWeb logo services to customers who have not company logo. Let us help you to design and cheap price. We can design all types of logos, such as company logos, agency logo, corporate logo, shop logo.

฿ 2,000

Logo A
Only Text Logo Design

Design by requirement. Able to edit one time and receive artwork file (.ai)

฿ 3,000

Logo B
Text and Decoration Logo Design

Different logo available to choose and able to edit two times and receive artwork file (.ai)

฿ 5,000

Logo C
Decoration logo Design

Different logo available to choose and able to edit three times and receive artwork file (.ai)

Information that customers need to inform pre-order, Logo.

  • 1. Named company (in Thai / English).
  • 2. Abbreviation of the company name.
  • 3. The color tone or image that the company wants.
  • 4. The image or symbols of organizations.


  • For Logo service contact to this number 02-402-6136, 088-258-3434
  • Pirce will change depend on the difficulty of material and urgency.
  • Job order via Email
  • If the editor does not meet the requirement to hold an additional charge of 50% of the Package.
  • Price does not include 7% VAT.


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