Update Service

Update Service

Update Content Service

In addition to other services, SoGoodWeb update for customers who want to update the website regularly.we have a team ready to serve you continuously changes

Update informations, Products on website

SoGoodWeb update service for website, such as corporate product information, news or other information within the site. And manage the data as proportions. For the sake of SEO that results directly to your website is excellent .

SoGoodWeb team to serve you with a cheap price. You do not need to hire personnel to take care of the site to be wasteful. Just trust us to provide you with a professional team . Convenience of data and review the results through the Internet.

2,500 Baht
(per month)

Our services cover the following :

  • 1. Update to edit text, images, product information, corporate news, and other related information.
  • 2. Home Show Festival (Intro Page) 1 time per month.
  • 3. SEO for Google Search engine.
  • 4. Reporting website performance with Google Analytics.
  • 5. 15 type of product and 5page written in A4 size with word size 14 pxiel.
  • 6. Includes a decorative picture frame like the original graphic designs not including Die cut and Retouch Images.

How to use / Carry

 Remark :
  • Customer must sent infromation by email and all infromation must be complete.
  • If customer don't sent all infromation within one month, update service will cancle.
  • If you order by Company Name, you can withholding Tax 3%. You can ask price list from the staffs. Prosoft Web Co,. Ltd. 287 Moo. 5 San Sai Noi, San Sai, Chiang Mai 50210. Tax No.: 0505556001559
 Remark 2 :

On Payment of service charges sent the transfer payments slip to SoGoodWeb.com staff or by Fax to Support : 02-402-6136 and Sale : 088-258-3434, 088-258-3232
or E-mail : contact@sogoodweb.com . Please specify company name, telephone number for our staff will call you back when we received your transfer payments silp.

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