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Full-function applications.

Make the website easy to create by yourself

Responsive Website

SoGoodWeb has developed a Responsive system to support the display of the screen size or the device being used. The contents of the website will remain intact. Watch on Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop and Computer.

Responsive Websit


Modern templates are available in a variety of free options. You don't need knowledge in coding with a beautiful website. Not difficult

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Recommend your website tell a story or post news by customizing a website that stands out by Slideshow full-screen size. It can automatically change the image and set the display time.

Google Analytics

Supports Google Analytics Code to store website traffic statistics to analyze traffic statistics through Google Analytics

Support SEO

The search Engine optimize for SEO is supported by the website


For linking data without restrictions, it allows for easy access to the same group data, such as a List page based on the Tag text used or related articles by Tag.

Tag เชื่อมโยงข้อมูล

Widget On Page

To schedule a different Widget display to display or not display on a page Allows the web to be very flexible.

Widget On Page

Page display List

A list of display pages can be defined in multiple formats and displays multiple items per page. Make your child use a listing page that is appropriate for the content category you're using.

แสดงผลหน้า List

Related articles or products

One-click to shows posts, articles, or related products to easier access to readers.


HTML Widget

It can include HTML, such as a Google Form iframe code, Instagram, Youtube, another web as a part of the website, realistically.

HTML Widget

Drag & Drop

Click Drag & Drop widget item, widget Articles, categories, pictures, and so on, are placed in a new position, as well as ordering your widgets easily.

Drag & Drop

Contact Popup

ปุ่มแสดงข้อมูลการติดต่อที่รวมทุกช่องทางการติดต่อไว้ในที่เดียว บนหน้าเว็บไซต์ ได้แก่ เบอร์โทรศัพท์ Line Facebook WhatsApp MAP และฟอร์มการติดต่อ ที่จะทำสะดวกต่อการใช้งาน ให้ทุกการติดต่อ สื่อสาร เป็นเรื่องง่าย จบในปุ่มเดียว

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Contact Popup

Online payment support by Credit Cards and Debit Cards


Pay Solution

Online stores can accept payments using a credit card. Debit or bank account online via Pay Solution *Fees charged by Pay Solution

HTML Widget

Omise Support

Payment processing for online businesses. Full-featured payment gateway for accepting and managing online payments*Fees charged by Omise


Paypal Support

Online stores can accept payments using a credit card. Debit or bank account online via Paypal *Fees charged by Paypal

Other functions

Activate for free! With multiple systems!

Website settings.

Website Update Set up e-mail data And protection of the right click

The intro page.

That is a welcome page before entering the main website. Add a welcome message to your display.

Product system

increases - reduces products. Price and adjustment Product Pricing by your convenience

Article system 

add content articles on the site. The website offers information conveniently

Manage files

Management, file management and easy. Supported file types such as. Jpg .png pdf, etc.

Images and videos

Images or video on the site. Make the site look more beautiful.

Text editor

Create and edit text On the site by writing HTML code to further

Add language

Support for additional languages are available on your Site


Manager albums images - activities. Or system settings albums involved.


Create a Forum Posts exchange stories, experiences, and opinions

Membership management

The system can manage members. Add / Edit / Delete Information for Members

Social Marketing Tools

Connect Social popular as Facebook, Twitter, Line


Info contact map GoogleMap adjust as needed.


Selected list of frequently asked questions. According to your needs.

Zopim Live Chat

Box Live Chat allows you to chat with your website visitors a Realtime.

Free Support

The free Support Customer Advisory Service covers the entire website segment.

Create your website now.

Having a website is not difficult consulting services by a professional team.
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